Social Impact

In 1912, when Leon Leonwood Bean prototyped the first Maine Hunting Shoe, he didn’t set out to build the company that L.L.Bean is today. He was an avid outdoorsman, focused on creating problem-solving gear and apparel for likeminded hunters and fishermen. The success to come was a result of good business sense, an unwavering commitment to customers, and a belief that out there – among the thick forest trees and rocky coastlines – is where we find our best selves. We strive to embody this belief everyday through our ongoing commitment to our employees, our partners and our diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability efforts.


We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the nation’s most impactful nonprofit organizations as well as with long-standing community partners to create equitable outdoor access for all and ensure everyone can experience the wellness benefits of time outside.


We’re committed to ensuring sustainable and responsible practices across our business, from the materials we use to the vendors we work with to the causes for which we support.

DEI Efforts

We’ve pledged to continue the advancement of our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts by making DEI one of our strategic corporate goals. Together, with our employees, we are working to make L.L.Bean a place of work that lives up to our values.


Our love for the outdoors begins inside. As a purpose-led company, our first responsibility is to care for and invest in our employees so they feel supported and inspired to best serve our customers.

When our founder had an idea for a product that got people outdoors, he acted on it. This outdoor-enabling spirit lives on in L.L.Bean’s commitment to community, sustainable materials, environmental stewardship, and our stakeholder philosophy. Consequently, L.L.Bean may advocate on issues that impact our stakeholders or that advance our purpose of inspiring and enabling people to experience the restorative power of being outside. However, as a company, L.L.Bean does not endorse candidates for office nor contribute to their campaigns. While individuals are naturally free to engage politically as they choose, L.L.Bean employees, board members and family-owners are prohibited from using L.L.Bean resources to support candidates or political causes of their choosing and from participating in political activities as a representative of the company unless authorized to do so.