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Shop with Confidence at L.L.Bean

At L.L.Bean, we understand your concerns about online security. That is why we are committed to maintaining technical, administrative, and physical safeguards of your personal data.

What We Do to Protect Your Information

We use encryption technology to ensure the secure transmission of any personal information you provide while using or any of our official websites. All transactions at our sites are conducted using 256-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. You can easily determine when you're sending data securely by looking at the Web address (URL) in your browser window: the first few letters will change from "http" to "https" when you are transmitting information protected by TLS encryption (the "s" in "https" stands for "secure").

Please note that our Secure Login screens are also protected by encryption technology. Because they are presented in a pop-in layer rather than a separate page, you may not see "https" in the URL.

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What You Can Do to Protect Your Information

  • To ensure you are getting the best protection available when accessing official L.L.Bean websites, we recommend using the latest version of your browser software and downloading security updates as they become available.
  • Use public computers only if they are maintained by a trusted source, and always be sure to log out of your L.L.Bean account and shut down the web browser before leaving the computer.
  • Choose a strong and unique password for your L.L.Bean account, changing your password frequently, and signing out of your account when you are finished.
  • If you are presented with a link to or other official L.L.Bean websites in email or on another site, and are unsure whether it is valid, do not click the link. Instead, type or one of our sites listed below in your browser's address field to access our site directly.
  • Do not send us your credit card number or other sensitive information via email or chat, or through social media platforms.
  • Please see our Scams and Fraudulent Offers section below for information on common malicious activity that targets the customers of well-known brands such as L.L.Bean, and tips on how to protect your personal information.

Links to Other Sites

Occasionally we provide links on our website to other sites to enhance the functionality and shopping experience. These sites operate independently of L.L.Bean and have established their own security and privacy policies. For the best online experience, we strongly encourage you to review these policies at any site you visit.

To learn more about L.L.Bean's privacy and security practices, please see our Privacy Policy.

Scams & Fraudulent Offers

L.L.Bean is aware of common malicious activity that targets the customers of well-known brands such as L.L.Bean, that may include unauthorized use of our name, logos and/or product images. These scams have included:

  • Fraudulent websites with logos and product images "scraped" from the legitimate L.L.Bean website, often claiming to offer heavily discounted pricing.
  • Social media pages and advertisements claiming to offer discounted merchandise referring customers to a fraudulent shopping site.
  • Phone calls with spoofed caller-ID (so it looks like the call is coming from L.L.Bean or L.L.Bean Mastercard) offering bogus products or services unrelated to L.L.Bean, or pretending to reference an L.L.Bean order or L.L.Bean Mastercard account.
  • "Phishing" emails pretending to be from L.L.Bean, using logos and formatting with an intent to look legitimate.
  • Fraudulent offers of L.L.Bean gift cards in return for survey responses or requests for personal information.

How do I know if a website that appears to sell L.L.Bean products is legitimate?

If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. L.L.Bean promotions and discounts are advertised in our catalogs, in our stores, at one of our authorized websites listed below, or through media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google, YouTube and other reputable websites. A true L.L.Bean advertisement will connect to one of these destination websites listed below.

Official L.L.Bean websites:


L.L.Bean merchandise can also be purchased at these authorized resellers in North America:

  • Staples
  • Nordstrom
  • Scheels
  • A small number of independent retailers in Canada.

Be wary of websites with domain names with unusual endings such as: .buzz .shop .top .best for example, or email or contact email address using a consumer email service such as,, Poorly written informational pages or copy often with spelling and grammatical errors can be another indication that the site is not legitimate.

I received a phone call or email from L.L.Bean, is it legitimate?

L.L.Bean communicates via email for promotions or order related information but will never request payment information via email.

We may call customers when we need information to process their order which can include:

  • A credit card or gift card to authorize payment (new order or backorder)
  • Payment on an overdue bill
  • Miscellaneous hold reasons on a recent order

The phone messages we leave for customers tend to be about a recent order or to share product status updates.

Please contact your phone service provider about call blocking tools and reputable apps you can download to your mobile device to prevent call spoofing. The FCC can provide you with additional information about robocall blocking at the following link:

If you're uncertain of the legitimacy of an email, website, promotional offer, or phone call that appears to be from L.L.Bean, please contact customer service at 844-401-5900 or email us at

How do I know if a social media page or advertisement is legitimate?

Ensure the page or ad takes you to one of our official websites listed above. If the website is not one of our authorized websites, please report the ad or social media page to the social media platform, such as Facebook or Instagram. In addition, please report the ad or social media page to us by contacting customer service at 844-401-5900 or email us at

If you have any questions regarding the security of L.L.Bean's websites or the protection of your personal information, email us at