Social Impact

When 90 of the first 100 Bean Boots were returned, our founder worked tirelessly to correct the problem. Today, we strive to embody this same devotion to service through our ongoing commitment to sustainability, our partners, and employees, along with our DEI efforts, and the well-being of the outdoors.


When we join forces outdoors with like-minded partners, the sky’s the limit. We’ve committed over $30 million in the past decade to protect the outdoors and make it more accessible to everyone.

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Learn how L.L.Bean is lessening our environmental impact through the creation of our products and the efficiency of the buildings we make them in.

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DEI Efforts

In 2020, we pledged to advance our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts, making DEI one of our strategic corporate goals. Every day, we continue on this course of learning, and believe it is important to give insight into this crucial work.

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Research shows the more time we spend outside, the more fulfilled, energized, and creative we are. It’s why we encourage our employees to get out there whenever possible.


When our founder had an idea for a product that got people outdoors, he acted on it. This outdoor-enabling spirit lives on in L.L.Bean’s commitment to community, sustainable materials, environmental stewardship, and our stakeholder philosophy. Consequently, L.L.Bean may advocate on issues that impact our stakeholders or that advance our purpose of inspiring and enabling people to experience the restorative power of being outside. However, as a company, L.L.Bean does not endorse candidates for office nor contribute to their campaigns. While individuals are naturally free to engage politically as they choose, L.L.Bean employees, board members and family-owners are prohibited from using L.L.Bean resources to support candidates or political causes of their choosing and from participating in political activities as a representative of the company unless authorized to do so.