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How to Clean Outdoor Furniture

Learn a few easy tips to freshen up your outdoor furniture for another season of backyard fun.

3 Min. Watch | Home & Backyard

Whether for gathering with friends and family or simply sitting back, outdoor furniture turns any space into a relaxing, joyful retreat.

But even our most relaxing spots require cleaning at least twice a year – but don’t dread it. Here are a few tips to freshen your outdoor furniture for another season of outdoor fun.

Before cleaning, always consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specific care details.

General Cleaning

Proper care is critical to help extend the life of your outdoor furniture and keep it looking great. There are many kinds of outdoor furniture materials, such as wood, wicker, plastic and metal. Different materials need different care. Generally, for basic cleaning, a simple solution of mild dish soap and water works with any outdoor furniture.

All you need is a bucket, mild dish soap, warm water, soft cloth and garden hose.

Step 1: Brush off the furniture

First, brush off any dirt, debris or leaves.

Step 2: Wash the furniture

Mix mild dish soap and warm water in a bucket. Then, using a soft cloth, wipe the soapy solution onto the furniture. A soft-bristled brush can also help loosen dirt.

Step 3: Rinse with a garden hose

Rinse thoroughly with a low-pressure garden howe. Do not power wash unless instructed.

Step 4: Dry thoroughly

After rinsing away all the soap, allow the furniture to air dry completely. As your furniture dries, this may be a great time to clean any outdoor pillow or cushions.

Step 5: Sit back and relax

That's it! Depending on material, stains and environment, some outdoor furniture may require deeper cleaning or additional care such as refinishing, paint or stain touch ups or sealant. So start with a gentle cleaning and then move up to any other techniques, if needed and as directed.

Our easy-care, low-maintenance All-Weather Outdoor Chairs and Tables are designed for more relaxing and less maintaining. Made from exceptionally durable HDPE plastic, our All-Weather Furniture resists sun, rain, wind and snow, and is easy to clean with soap and water. So all you need to do now is sit back and relax.

Transforming your backyard into a relaxing, more comfortable retreat is easy with our hammocks, grills and fire pits and versatile outdoor furniture styles.

Looking for more inspiration and ideas for the backyard? Explore our Get Outside Guide to create the perfect outdoor reading spot, discover 5 classic backyard games and learn tips to build a better backyard.

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