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Have Fun Cleaning Up Your Neighborhood

Do some good while spending time outdoors.

1 Min. Read | Home & Backyard

When you clean up your neighborhood by picking up litter, you’re helping your community, and making your local area more beautiful for the next time you head outdoors. And when you get the whole family involved, it can actually be a lot of fun! Gather your family, some gloves and a trash bag and try one of these fun ideas to get started.

Make it a Game

If your kids need a little encouragement to help pick up litter on your next walk or community cleanup day, you can give them a push in the right direction by turning the task into a game. Who can pick up the most pieces of litter? How fast can you fill up a trash bag? Who can come up with the best story about where a mysterious item came from? Adding a splash of creativity and competition can make the time fly by – and helps grow positive habits.

Show Off With #TrashTag

Everyone loves a good “before-and-after” story, and the difference between a litter-strewn stretch of sidewalk and a freshly cleaned one is striking. Share your before-and-after cleanup photos on social media with the popular hashtag #TrashTag for some well-earned kudos, and to show off your clean neighborhood. It’s also a great way to be inspired for future cleanup projects, close to home and beyond.

Go Plogging

The term “plogging” is a portmanteau of the Swedish words “plocka up” (pick up) and “jogga” (jog). In practice, it’s just what it sounds like: picking up litter while jogging. And it’s a surprisingly fun way to do a little good while enjoying the fresh air. In addition to cleaning up the neighborhood, plogging adds some stretching and bending to your run or walk, giving you a full body workout without a whole lot of effort.

Join a Group

As the saying goes, “many hands make light work.” If there’s a particularly big neighborhood project to tackle – like cleaning up a local park or trail – then coordinating a group effort with your friends and neighbors can make the work a lot easier. Seek out local conservation groups, check out local message boards or start a group yourself on social media. It’s not just a great way to spend time with your neighbors – it’s a way to improve the neighborhood for everyone.

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