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Graham crackers. Marshmallow. Chocolate. The classic campfire treat couldn’t be easier to assemble – or harder to perfect. So we consulted with various s’mores connoisseurs to find out how they put their own spin on this ooey, gooey dessert, and how you can make them whether you’re around the fire, in the backyard or stuck inside. There’s something for everyone to sink their teeth into. Let’s get started!

The Classic S’more, Perfected

No matter how you make your s’more, it’s always sure to stack up. But getting the chocolate perfectly melty is always a struggle. Here’s an expert hack: position a scrap of wood at the edge of the fire (away from the flame but close enough to get indirect heat) and place a graham cracker topped with chocolate on it. As you roast your ‘mallow, let the graham warm up and melt the chocolate, then build your s’more and enjoy the perfect gooey bite.

Quick Tip:

A slow, low, rolling roast will give your marshmallow a more evenly toasted outside and a perfectly gooey inside. To achieve this, experts recommend using two sticks instead of one to give you more control over your ‘mallow. It takes a little patience, but it’s totally worth the extra effort.

The Less Is S’more

Healthy and s’mores are two words that usually don’t go together, but with the right ingredients, you can shed at least some of those calories. Just replace the milk chocolate with dark chocolate, grab some sugar-free marshmallows and add fresh strawberry or banana slices to sweeten things up. Healthy? We’re talking about s’mores, here. Healthier? You bet!

The “Dirty Pillow” S’more

Sure, it doesn’t have the most appetizing name, but it’s a method that produces a flawless s’more, every time. The trick is to tuck a square of chocolate inside the marshmallow before you roast it, so it’s melted to perfection by the time you’re ready to dig in. Take a bite and watch the molten chocolate ooze out. Be warned: this one can get a little messy!

Quick Tip:

Don’t stop at chocolate – create a whole smorgasbord of different candies to choose from. Try stuffing your marshmallow with a Rolo, Hershey’s Kiss or mini peanut butter cup to give each s’more its own deliciously distinctive flavor profile.

The Indoor S’more

Did it rain on your s’more parade? There’s a s’more you can make totally indoors that’s just as tasty, kind of fancy, and perfect for making ahead (although they’ll be hard to resist right out of the oven). Make a graham cracker crust and press firmly into a muffin tin. Bake at 350° for 5-6 minutes, then let cool and carefully pop out. Add a piece of chocolate and a big dollop of marshmallow fluff. Bake again for 4-5 minutes to melt the chocolate, then broil briefly until the fluff is golden brown. So good!

The PB&S’more

A cold, hard piece of chocolate can make any s’more a little less exciting, but here’s a simple fix: use peanut butter instead! Spread a hefty helping on each square of the graham cracker, then assemble the s’more like you normally would. Chocolate or hazelnut spreads also work wonders – and will create the creamiest s’more you’ve ever crammed into your mouth.

Quick Tip:

No fire pit? No worries! Create a mini fire pit by lining a small terra-cotta pot with foil and adding some charcoal briquettes. It’s a super-fun way to make tasty s’mores in the backyard when you don’t have a grill or feel like firing it up.

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