Our passion is helping people share the joy of the outdoors. That means taking action to support the health and prosperity of the outdoors for current and future generations. We are continually finding ways to improve sustainability in every aspect of our brand – from how we make our products and our physical footprint, to taking care of the people we employ. We’re already making an impact, but we’re excited to do even more.


We make products that are durable, not disposable, and test them rigorously. Because longer-lasting products use fewer natural resources and reduce waste.



We put people first with strict, safe and fair work standards, in Maine and around the world. Because every human being deserves respect.



Our commitment to keeping the outdoors healthy for future generations begins with the materials we use and the standards we adhere to.


“My great-grandfather L.L. was a conservationist, understanding the connection between the joy of the outdoors and the need to protect our precious resources. Land access and preservation has always been one of L.L.Bean's core values.”

Shawn Gorman, Executive Chairman of the Board and Great-Grandson of L.L. Bean

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