Our founder, Leon Leonwood Bean, was an avid outdoorsman first and a businessman second, so our strong commitment to the outdoors is nothing new. For over a century, L.L.Bean has constantly found new ways to lessen our environmental impact through the creation of our products and the efficiency of the buildings we make them in – and we’re working hard every day to do even more.

Choosing Responsible


We’ve always worked hard to make our products more durable, now we’re working to make them more sustainable too.

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By 2025, our goal is to use responsible cotton in 100% of our cotton products. As of 2019, we’re at 20%.

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By 2025, our goal is to use recycled polyester in 100% of our apparel. As of 2019, we’re at 15%.

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By 2025, our goal is to use recycled nylon in 70% of our apparel. As of 2019, we’re at 30%.

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We use Responsible Down Standard (RDS) on 100% of our down products.

Creating Sustainable


Reduced waste, less emissions and greener designs.


By 2025, our goal is to reduce our US owned and controlled Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 50%. We’ve already reduced GHG by 30%, exceeding our originally anticipated goal of 20%.


We currently recycle 84% of the waste in our Maine facilities and are continually looking for additional improvements.

The Right Sustainable


We work together with the world’s most trusted industry leading organizations to ensure the highest standards are used when making our products. Here are just some of our key partners:

“My great-grandfather L.L. was a conservationist, understanding the connection between the joy of the outdoors and the need to protect our precious resources. Land access and preservation has always been one of L.L.Bean's core values.”

Shawn Gorman, Executive Chairman of the Board and Great-Grandson of L.L. Bean

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