Outside Friends

Every time we step outside, there’s a chance we’ll cross paths with someone who inspires us. We’re proud to introduce you to several of the incredible people we’ve met along the way. Outsiders who love nothing more than being out there with the people who matter most.


Kikkan and Her Champions

After retiring as the most decorated cross-country skier in U.S. history, Kikkan Randall had to face her biggest challenge yet. And her family was right there with her, every step of the way.

The Bowman Family

They embarked on the ultimate family road trip.

Lea Davison

Champion cyclist, and a champion for girls in sport.

Jessie Diggins

For this world champion cross-country skier, team and family are one and the same.

Melody Forsyth

Outdoor lover, down syndrome activist, power mom.

Kikkan Randall

Skier. Mother. Adversity Overcomer.

Nick Troutman

World champion kayaker and inspiring outdoor dad.

Mirna Valerio

Distance isn’t the only barrier this ultra runner is breaking.

Partner Organizations

We’re proud to support dozens of local, regional and national organizations that share our goal of making it easier for families of all kinds to experience the joy of being outside.