Every time we step outside, there’s a chance we’ll cross paths with someone who inspires us. We’re proud to introduce you to several of the incredible people we’ve met along the way. Outsiders who love nothing more than being out there with the people who matter most.


Troy Brooks

L.L.Bean Ambassador and wellness coach Troy Brooks shares some of the lessons spending time outdoors has taught him about family and fatherhood.


Dineo Dowd

Encouraging children from different cultures and backgrounds to step outside and enjoy nature.

The Bowman Family

They embarked on the ultimate family road trip.

Lea Davison

Champion cyclist, and a champion for girls in sport.

Jessie Diggins

For this world champion cross-country skier, team and family are one and the same.

Melody Forsyth

Outdoor lover. Down syndrome activist. Power mom.

Kikkan Randall

Skier. Mother. Adversity Overcomer.

Mirna Valerio

Distance isn’t the only barrier this ultra runner is breaking.