Be an Outsider at Work


We’re giving “Out of Office” a whole new meaning.

Research shows that spending time outside makes us more productive, more creative and happier. So we’re starting a movement, backed by a research study and the world’s first outdoor coworking space. It’s called Be an Outsider at Work. Join us by taking a small piece of your workday outside.

How you can get involved

Visit the Space

On the inside, we’re all outsiders. So with the help of Industrious, we’ve created an outdoor workspace, equipped with indoor amenities.

Get the Handbook

More bright ideas see the light of day when we do. These simple tips and research, co-authored with expert Leigh Stringer, LEED AP, illuminate what makes us work better.

Teambuild Outside

Join our skilled Outdoor Discovery Program facilitators for a 30-minute team-building activity.

We’ve just wrapped up our tour – stay tuned for a recap of the Be an Outsider at Work concept.

See it at work

Tips to help you work outside – even a few minutes a day helps

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