Living Our Purpose, From the Inside Out

Our love for the outdoors begins inside. As a purpose-led company, our first responsibility is to care for and invest in our employees so they feel supported and inspired to best serve our customers.

Employee Wellbeing and Career Growth

• In 2022, employees spent more than 73,000 hours outside for paid Outdoor Experience Days and participated in 134 Outdoor Discovery courses

• Launched a New Outsider Program dedicated to helping employees and their families experience a variety of first-time activities with trained guides

• Delivered Mental Health First-Aid training, and expanded Mentoring and Recovery Supportive Workplace programming

A Purpose-Driven Campus

• In 2022, we also opened the doors to a new, 390,000-square-foot L.L.Bean Corporate Campus in Freeport, Maine, inspired by our founder Leon Leonwood Bean’s love for the outdoors

• Celebrated the return of employees to the office with 21 inviting and inclusive events

• Designed to invite the outdoors in, the campus connects employees with nature through expansive outdoor views, natural light, indoor/outdoor meeting spaces, wood-burning fireplaces, public trails and a 10,000-square-foot open courtyard, along with features including a state-of-the-art fitness center, wellness center, cafeteria and more

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