Walking the Walk
on the Appalachian Trail

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Since April, we've been following 86 L.L.Bean employees as they hike in pairs along sections of the legendary Appalachian Trail, from the foothills of Georgia to the mountains of Maine, passing 20 of our retail stores along the way. Because whether your trail leads you around the block or 2,200 miles up the East Coast, it's always better to walk it together.

2,180 miles

43 employee teams

5 months of hiking

Through 14 states

Past 20 L.L.Bean stores

On ONE TRAIL that connects us all

Meet our A.T. Relay Hikers

Go for a walk with the people who make our company run.

Grace B. and Jeff M.

Trail names: Snax and Parm
Section hiked: Springer Mountain, GA to Winding Stair Gap, NC
Miles hiked: 118

Rusty W. and Christine B.

Trail names: Growler and Camaro
Section hiked: Winding Stair Gap, NC to Newfound Gap, TN
Miles hiked: 98

Nicole C. and Benn M.

Trail names: Jellybean and Coffeebean
Section hiked: Newfound Gap, TN to Devil Fork Gap, TN
Miles hiked: 102.5

Jess K. and Ethan M.

Trail names: Bad Movie
Section hiked: Devil Fork Gap, TN to Dennis Cove, TN
Miles hiked: 109

Josh A. and Benjamin H.

Section hiked: Dennis Cove, TN to Fox Creek Horse Camp, VA
Miles hiked: 93

Jonathan H. and Michael O.

Trail names: Mr. Green and Driver 8
Section hiked: Fox Creek Horse Camp, VA to Lick Skillet Hollow, VA
Miles hiked: 94

Chris G. and Stephen W.

Trail names: Greensleeves & Six
Section hiked: Lick Skillet Hollow, VA to Pine Swamp Branch Shelter, VA
Miles hiked: 58

Colleen N. and Alexus B.

Section hiked: Pine Swamp Branch Shelter, VA to Newport Road, North Mountain Trail, VA
Miles hiked: 47

Bethany D. and Marielle M.

Section hiked: Newport Road, North Mountain Trail, VA to Taylor's Mountain Overlook, VA
Miles hiked: 47

Dani C. and Sean Z.

Section hiked: Taylor's Mountain Overlook, VA to Petites Gap, VA
Miles hiked: 33

Mike P. and Summer S.

Section hiked: Petites Gap, VA to Salt Gap North, VA
Miles hiked: 39

Gary G. and Jamie B.

Section hiked: Salt Gap North, VA to Rockfish Gap, VA
Miles hiked: 63

Lori C. and David G.

Trail names: Lucy and Flip-Flop
Section hiked: Rockfish Gap, VA to Smith Roach Gap, VA
Miles hiked: 50

Katie R. and Aileen M.

Section hiked: Smith Roach Gap, VA to Third Peak of Hogback, VA
Miles hiked: 51

Maria P. and Mary G.

Section hiked: Third Peak of Hogback, VA to Snickers Gap, MD
Miles hiked: 51

Preserving the Trail

For decades, hundreds of L.L.Bean employees have volunteered their time to make sure a section of the A.T. in Northern Maine stays pristine for all those who hike it. We're proud to have partnered with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy to protect this special trail, while supporting dozens of cleanup efforts just like ours along its entire length.


Our A.T. Relay Packing List

When hitting the trail, it's important to pack light and pack smart. Here's how our hikers are loading up before they head out.

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