Choose the Catalogs You Want

To change the frequency or type of catalogs you receive from us, log in to your account and click "My Profile" and then "Catalog Settings."

You can also contact us directly if you'd like to:

1. Eliminate duplicate catalogs.

2. Limit the L.L.Bean catalogs you receive.

3. Keep your name off our shared lists.

4. Take your name off our mailing list.

5. Continue to receive catalogs at a new address. (Please send us the new information and time frame it will be in effect.)

For information about managing the quantity and type of emails you receive from L.L.Bean, visit My Account and choose "email settings." You can also contact us or write to the following address:

L.L.Bean Inc.
Dept CFM
Freeport, ME 04033-0001

Please include a note of instruction and, if mailing your request, the catalog label showing your mailing address.

Third Party Catalog Opt-Out Services

Many third-party services are available to help you opt out of catalog mailings. After careful consideration of customer service, data protection, privacy and fees, L.L.Bean no longer honors requests made by these organizations. We do not think you should have to pay third parties to opt out of catalog mailings. We prefer to hear from you directly so we can best meet your needs – we want you to be satisfied with the communications you receive and are happy to honor your preference requests. Contacting us is easy; please refer to the section above. For more details, read our privacy policy.