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How do I apply for a job?
Job Detail page
Homepage with application status and saved searches

Job postings are updated weekly and remain posted for seven calendar days.

1. Click Search for a Job
Located in the menu area on every page of the system.

2. Perform a job search
See How do I search for a job?, for detailed instructions on how to search for a job.

3. Select a job from Search Results
Your search will bring up a list of jobs that match your criteria in the Search Results page. Click on a job title link to go to the Job Details page for a description of the job.

4. View Job Details
Review the job details. This is where you decide whether to apply for the position.

5. Click Apply for this job
Located at the bottom of the Job Details page.

You may wish to review several jobs before applying to any. Click on the Add to job cart link at the bottom of the Job Details page to add the job to your job cart. See How do I use the job cart.

Application Status
A list of jobs you have applied for will appear on your homepage along with the status in the hiring process for each of your current applications:

 - Received
 - Prequalification
 - Interviewing
 - Offer

Once you have applied for a job, you can view the job description at any time as long as the job title is a link; if it does not appear as a link, the job has been filled.

Remember to check back often
Remember to visit the L.L.Bean Employment site often to check the status of your job applications.

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How do I search for a job?
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