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L.L.Bean Shotgun Snap Caps

L.L.Bean Shotgun Snap Caps
L.L.Bean Shotgun Snap Caps
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Product Details

The best way to store your shotgun is with its firing pins released—not cocked—and this shotgun snap cap is designed precisely for that purpose.


  • Machined aluminum construction.
  • Deirin plastic primer.
  • Rubber O-rings.

Additional Features

  • Set of two.
  • Comes in 12-, 16-, 20-, 28-guage and .410 bore.
  • Allows gun storage with firing pins released – not cocked.
  • Design allows you to release spring tension without dry firing.
  • Precisely machined for a snug fit in the chamber.
  • O-rings prevent cap from being ejected on guns equipped with automatic ejectors.
  • Head engraved with the gauge of the shotgun.
  • Made in the USA.