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Angler Fly-Tying Kit

Angler Fly-Tying KitAngler Fly-Tying KitAngler Fly-Tying Kit
Angler Fly-Tying Kit
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Product Details

Our angler fly-tying kit includes everything you'll need to begin creating flies, including a vise, bobbin, scissors, a fly-tying handbook and much more.

Why We Love It

Fly tying is a skill that, once learned, you'll enjoy for a lifetime. We also think it's a hobby you will end up liking as much as fly fishing. Everything you need to get started tying flies, including wets, dries, streamers and nymphs.

Additional Features

  • Kit includes: bodkin, hackle pliers, whip finisher, 100 asst. lightning strike hooks,
  • cyclops beads (nickel 7/64 or 3/32), vise, bobbin, scissors and other quality tools.
  • Tie 10 of the following popular patterns of wets, dries streamers and nymphs: San Juan Worm,
  • Stretch Tubing Scud, Foam Beetle, Poly Caddis, Poly Spinner, Brassie, Bead Head Caddis Larvae,
  • Fur Ant, Wooly Bugger, All-Purpose Nymph.
  • Assorted thread and wire, body materials, dubbing, feathers and more.
  • Storage case.
  • USA.