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Streamlight Ultra Four-Piece Fly Rod, 5-6 Wt.

Streamlight Ultra Four-Piece Fly Rod, 5-6 Wt.Streamlight Ultra Four-Piece Fly Rod, 5-6 Wt.Streamlight Ultra Four-Piece Fly Rod, 5-6 Wt.
Streamlight Ultra Four-Piece Fly Rod, 5-6 Wt.
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Product Details

With amazingly crisp action and a remarkably light feel, it's simply the best-casting fly rod you'll find anywhere at this price.


  • Redesigned to be lighter with an improved taper.
  • Chrome-plated, double-foot snake guides and alconite stripping guides reduce line friction.
  • Cork fighting butt lets you really lean into the fight with big fish.
  • Handsome wooden spacers and uplocking reel seats blend performance and tradition.

Additional Features

  • A rod you won't outgrow as your casting improves.
  • Lightweight and versatile for a wide range of freshwater fish species and environments.
  • Sensitive enough for a short, delicate presentation to wary trout in a glassy pool.
  • Powerful enough to throw large streamers across a river.
  • Includes nylon canvas-covered reel-on-rod case.
  • Imported.
Choose the Right Fly Rod

3 and 4 wts.  Precise, sensitive rods for subtle presentations on spring creeks and calm waters as well as streams.

5 wt.  Our most versatile trout rod. Sensitive and light for presentations on streams, rivers, lakes and ponds. Casts dries, nymphs and medium-sized streamers.

6 wt.  A versatile, all-around weight for landlocked salmon, bass or trout. It has plenty of casting power for larger flies, yet it’s nimble enough for delicate dry-fly presentations.

7 wt.  These rods provide extra power for casting big flies and landing bass or bigger trout.

8 and 9 wt.  Designed for fighting and landing larger freshwater species, including steelhead and salmon. Casts large flies and lifts heavy fish. Ideal for saltwater fishing when you’re after medium-size fish like stripers, redfish and permit.

10 and 11 wt.  Built for casting heavier flies into the wind and for fighting tough-running game fish. Has the strength needed for bringing in big stripers, bluefish, permit and snook.

12 wt.  Powerful rods with the lifting power to fight tarpon and smaller blue water species