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What to Wear Fishing

A few handy tips will make each fishing trip dry, warm (or cool) and comfortable.

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We love fishing all year long no matter what the weather is doing. With the right clothing, the weather shouldn’t matter to you, either. Here are some valuable clothing options for every type of weather situation you might encounter.

Warm to Hot Weather Outfit

Long Pants & Long-Sleeve Shirts:

The great thing about today’s technical fishing clothing is it’s extremely versatile. You can usually wear the same outfit whether the temperature is 70 or 95.  First, technical fishing pants are designed to be lightweight, breathable and cool. Even in hot temperatures, they will keep you cool and comfortable.  A long-sleeve fishing shirt or hoodie protects you from the sun and breathes to keep you cool and comfortable.  A wide-brimmed sun hat also keeps the sun off your head and out of your eyes. A ball cap also works well.

Socks & Boots:

A combination of breathable, quick-drying and lightweight wool-blend socks with light hiking shoes will do the trick. If you might dip your feet in the water, Muck-style rubber boots are perfect. If you’re going out on a boat, you’ll want some boat shoes that won’t mark up the boat’s deck. 

Shorts & Short-Sleeve Shirts:

Shorts and short-sleeve shirts are fine, especially in hot conditions. Just remember all that exposed skin will need sunscreen and even bug repellent if biting insects are around.

Other Accessories:

A Buff-style face covering gives you maximum protection when the sun is really intense. Sun-blocking fishing gloves should also be part of your outfit. They have the fingers cut off, so you still have dexterity, but they cover the back of your hands.


No matter where you’re fishing, a good pair of polarized sunglasses is a must. They protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays while cutting the glare on the water so you can see the fish. A sunglasses retainer strap will keep them secure.

Cold Weather Outfit

Layers, layers, layers:

Keeping warm and comfortable in cold weather is all about layering. Simply wear warm base layers under your technical fishing clothing. Base layers are form-fitting, lightweight tops and bottoms made from synthetic materials or wool. They’re incredibly warm for their weight, plus they’re moisture-wicking and breathable. Wool is especially good at resisting odors. 

Warm Jackets:

A lightweight fleece jacket with a wind-blocking membrane is the perfect choice when things cool off. If that’s not warm enough, a light down jacket over the fleece is ideal. Finally, a wind- and water-blocking shell over it all can be the key to staying warm and dry on some days. And you can easily unzip or remove layers depending on how hot or cold you get.

Warm Hats:

We lose most of our body’s heat through our heads, so a warm wool or synthetic hat is the best way to ward off the cold. Even on a day that’s not too cold, a thin synthetic Nordic skiing hat can make a big difference.


Wool or synthetic fingerless gloves are perfect for fishing. They keep your hands warm while keeping your fingers free to tie on flies or lures.


Standard hiking boots with warm socks will work most days. On really cold days, insulated rubber boots are great at keeping your feet warm and dry. Throw on some heavy wool socks over a thin synthetic or wool liner sock and you’ll have an unbeatable combination.

What About Biting Bugs?

Bug repelling apparel:

If you’re going fishing, you’re going to have to deal with biting bugs at some point. No Fly Zone® apparel has built-in bug-repellent that keeps biting insects away. It also has UPF 50+ sun protection that blocks 97.5% of the sun’s UV rays. Insect Shield apparel also has the same built-in bug-repellent. They both feature the same quick-drying, breathable characteristics as our technical fishing apparel.

No Fly Zone

Insect Shield

Rainy Weather Outfit

Rain Pants:

When it starts raining, it’s super-important to keep it from soaking through to your clothes and skin. Rain pants over your lightweight fishing pants will keep your legs dry. They feature zippers and an adjustable waist and cuffs that seal rain out – and they’re easy to take off and pack away if the sun comes out.

Rain Jacket:

A rain jacket with an adjustable hood to keep rain off your face and adjustable hem and cuffs that seal out water will keep you happy and dry. 

Waterproof Pack:

A waterproof backpack or hip pack is a must-have on a rainy day. It’ll keep all your gear, food and spare clothes nice and dry. And when the rain stops, it’s just the place to store all your rain gear. 

Fishing in Waders

Jump Right In:

If you’re like us, you love to get right into the water to fish. But you’ll need waders to stay dry and warm most of the time. Some warm base layers worn under your lightweight fishing pants will do the trick. The exception is really cold water. That’s when a pair of heavier fleece wading pants or insulated pants will save the day. And remember to always wear a wading belt, it will help keep water from filling up your waders if you fall in.

Wading Boots:

You’ll need a pair of wading boots specifically designed to be worn over the neoprene feet of waders. Add some warm wool socks and your feet will stay nice and toasty.

Now that you know what to wear, you can head to the water with confidence and feel great out there.

Planning some fishing adventures? Get outfitted with everything you need:


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Now that you know what to wear, you can head to the water with confidence and feel great out there.

Planning some fishing adventures? Get outfitted with everything you need:



Wading Boots


Lines, Leaders & Tippet

Fishing Clothing

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