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What to Bring to the Beach

Beach days are the best days…when you’re prepared. We’re sharing what to pack for the beach so you can enjoy the perfect amount of sun, sand, and of course snacks, at your next outing.

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The Basics

First, we’re going to cover the basics. These are the essentials no one should be at the beach without.

Beach Bag

For easily transporting everything from your car to the beach, a good beach bag is a must have. We like to use our totes because they’re tough, easy to carry, and fit a bunch of stuff – we bet you will too.

Shop Beach Totes

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Beach Tip:

If you have a large family or lots of stuff to carry, bring a collapsible wagon. Simply fill it up with all your goodies and wheel it down to your favorite spot on the sand.


One of the most important things to bring to the beach. The American Academy of Dermatologists recommends at least 30 SPF, but all skin types are different and environmental conditions can add different factors, so be sure to read the label when choosing your SPF. And be sure to reapply as needed.


Don’t forget a pair of sunglasses to protect those precious peepers – and a hat to keep your head safe from the sun.



Make sure you’ve got a trusted pair of easy on/off sandals or shoes for taking trips on the hot sand.


Beach Towels

Ours our big, soft, and essential. Lay them down on hot sand to soak up some sun, use them as wraps to keep skin cool and shaded or keep them handy to dry off after taking a cool dip.

Beach Towels

Beach Blanket

Set up your beach space in style with a big blanket (or two). This gives you a spacious sand-free comfort zone for you and all your stuff.

Waterproof Outdoor Blanket


The only thing you should be thirsting for at the beach is adventure. Make sure you bring plenty of extra water or other hydrating refreshments.

Water Bottles

Beach Chair

A good beach chair goes a long way towards making your beach day more comfortable and convenient. Plus, it’s the perfect perch for some quality people watching.

Beach Chairs

The Sun

Can you take the heat? How comfortable you are in the sun can be the difference between a great beach day or one that leaves everyone in your group seeing red. For the most fun in the sun, keep everything cool and comfy with these sun-savvy gear ideas.

Sunsmart UPF+ Clothing

Sunscreen may be your primary defense from UV rays, but these cool, breathable clothes have UPF+ protection built right in. Think of it as instant sunscreen you don’t need to keep applying.

SunSmart Collection

Beach Umbrella

The next time you need to beat the heat, bring the shade. A sun umbrella is one of the best ways to keep cool and out of the sun at the beach.

Wind Challenger Beach Umbrella

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Beach Tip:

Add a sun shelter. They’re light, easy to set up, and provide all the shade you need on the sunniest of days. Plus, you can use it to keep you cool in a variety of other outdoor locations.

Spray Bottle

Ahh! For an instant refresh that doesn’t require you getting out of your seat, bring a small spray bottle full of cold water. If you want to get fancy, add a few drops of essential oil to make it both refreshing and reinvigorating.

Plan Accordingly

Sometimes the best way to stay safe under the sun is to avoid planning your trip during the hottest parts of the day. Depending on the weather or location, the beach usually starts heating up around noon and reaches its hottest temps at about 3 p.m.

The Sand

As fun as sand can be, it can also be messy and invasive, so bring some extra gear to make sure nothing gets in the way of your perfect beach day.

Corn Starch

Sand sticks to everything. Well almost everything. Cornstarch is a great way to remove sand from your skin and in between your fingers and toes. Plus, it’s safe for the environment. Simply apply the corn starch to the affected area and wipe the sand off with ease.

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Beach Tip:

Toss an old makeup brush in your beach bag for a quick and easy way to apply corn starch and remove sand from skin.

Fitted Sheet

Bringing a fitted sheet to the beach is another smart way to keep the sand out. Since. the corners already naturally lift all you need to do is add weighted objects like beach bags to each corner to spread it out, creating a nifty pocket of space you can hang out in sand free.

Mesh Bag

Don’t like sandy bags? One trick is to bring a mesh bag to keep the sand from collecting and getting all over your stuff. It’s also a very handy way to hold beach toys. When it’s time to clean, all you do is dip the bag in the water and let it air dry.

Boogie Boards

Not only are boogie boards wicked fun, stack them to make a makeshift table to keep things off the sand. Plus, the cool foam material serves as a suitable seat when the sand gets hot.

Beach Toys

Don’t forget the fun! Sand toys like shovels, buckets, or L.L.Bean Sand Molds make beach days (and sandcastles) even more epic.

The Snacks

Time at the beach can work up quite an appetite, so snacks are a must. But factors like sand, birds, and a lack of planning can ruin snack time if you aren’t careful. To make sure everyone’s eating well, consider these smart snack ideas.


Bringing a cooler is always a good idea for packing cool drinks, fruits, and other refrigerated snacks. It also helps you plan for tasty meals, dips, or whatever your group fancies.

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Beach Tip:

Pick up one of our insulated totes and enjoy the everyday convenience of our original Boat & Totes with the cool performance of our insulated coolers.

Food Organizer

Adding different snacks to the different compartments of an organizer (like a tackle box or bento box) is a clever way to bring a variety of treats. Some of our go-to beach snacks are apples with cinnamon, half cut grapes, and for drinks, an insulated mug to keep liquids cool or warm.

Block the Birds

Beach seagulls will take food right out of your bags if not properly stored or left alone. To keep these birds at bay, keep food safely stored in a closed bag or cooler. Or if you speak seagull, you can always try to reason with them, but heads up, seagulls can be extremely sarcastic.

Frozen Water Bottles

Instead of wasting precious space with ice or ice packs, freeze water bottles. That way, you have more space for treats. Plus, leave a few bottles out when you arrive, and you’ll have some icy cold water to enjoy later.

Water Bottles

With a little preparation and the right essentials, you can experience the right amount of sun and sand to make your beach day the best it can be. And you’ll be snacking like a pro. We’ll see you at the beach!

For more outdoor tips and inspiration, check out Explore L.L.Bean!

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