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How to Clean a Dog Bed

Learn a few tips to ensure a fresh, tidy bed and comfy, well-rested pup.

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Whether your four-legged friend spends the day tracking game in the woods or playing in the backyard, your dog deserves a clean, comfortable place to rest their paws.

Here are few general tips for a clean, comfortable bed.

Before cleaning, always review your dog bed’s care label for specific instructions.

1. Routine cleaning

The dog bed is a haven for comfort – and fur, dirt, food, etc. Vacuuming regularly helps keep the bed fresher, longer. Using the hose attachment, thoroughly vacuum the surface and sides of the bed. And, if the bed has side walls or bolsters, be sure to get into those seams where dirt could hide.

Alternately, you can use a lint roller or dog hair remover – or even give it a good shake outside and then vacuum.

Wiping dirty, muddy paws before your dog enters the house will also help keep dirt to a minimum.

2. Spot clean stains, as needed

Got stains on the cover or insert? Wet a cloth with water and gently clean the area. You can also use a mild, pet-safe detergent. Difficult stains may require a pet stain remover.

L.L.Bean Premium Dog Beds are built tough – plus, they come with a removable, washable cover, so they are easy to wash.

3. Deep cleaning (hint: a washable cover makes it easy!)

After thoroughly vacuuming, simply unzip the cover, remove any inserts, re-zip all closures and toss into the washing machine with like colors. Choose gentle or delicate cycle and cold water. We recommend cold water for reduced energy use. Be sure to use mild detergent. Do not bleach or dry clean. Dogs can get skin allergies from harsh chemicals.

You can also put our covers in the dryer. Set to tumble dry low. Remove promptly.

4. Reassemble per instructions

Once the cover is dry, reassemble bed per instructions. Fully close the zippers. If there’s a zipper garage (that’s the fabric at the top of the zipper), tuck the zipper inside to discourage chewing.

The bed is now refreshed and ready to return to your best friend.

All clean! With a little routine care like this, you can make sure your dog is happy, and rested for another full day of fun together.

Make sure your pup is comfy and ready to go with dog jackets & vests, collars & leashes and more dog supplies.

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