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How to Pack Your Car for Car Camping

A few handy tips will make packing your car for camping easy and efficient.

5 Min. Watch | Camping

Step 1: Pack Chronologically

Make sure the items you need first at the campsite are most accessible. If you have a carload of hungry campers, you’ll probably want your food, cooler and camp kitchen gear the most accessible.

Step 2: Keep Your Gear Organized

Use watertight bins for kitchen gear and non-refrigerated food. This keeps everything organized and separated. It’s also much easier to carry these bins.

Step 3: Use Space Wisely

Square bins and coolers tend to leave irregular spaces against the sloping sides of your vehicle. This is a great place to stuff smaller, more pliable items like sleeping bags and pads so you can maximize your space.

Step 4: Use Smaller Gear if Necessary

If you don’t have enough room for thick blankets and a big, extra-spacious tent, a mummy sleeping bag, thinner sleeping pad and smaller tent will still be plenty comfy!

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