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How to Break In Your Hiking Boots

Our founder L.L. once said, “If your feet are happy, you’re happy.” Learn how to break in your new hiking boots in these three easy steps to ensure you’ll have comfy, blister-free feet on the trail.

3 Min. Watch | Hiking

Step 1. Start At Home

Wear your boots around the house for at least a couple days, even up to a week. Really focus on how they fit, and make sure to wear them with whatever socks and insoles you plan to hike in.

Step 2. Wear Them Around the Block

Pick a spot close to home, whether that’s around the block or a local park. Give yourself about a week of walking close to home before heading to the trails, gradually building up the length of your walks.

Step 3. Take Them to the Trail

Keep your first hike short and easy, slowly building up the length and difficulty. The more situations you can test them in, the less likely you are to be surprised with issues later on.

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