Student Ambassadors

Meet the next generation of inspiring young people with a passion for the outdoors: L.L.Bean’s 2021 student ambassadors! They’re encouraging their fellow college students to get outdoors and enjoy the power of time outside – and making it easier for them to get out there.

Usha Adhikari


Global Health and Economics Major at Northwestern University

"To me, L.L.Bean is synonymous with comfort, warmth and adventure. I think of nature and all the places I've gone with my L.L.Bean products. My favorite product is the classic Bean Boots."

Seth Anderson


Outdoor Product Design and Development Major at Utah State University

"As an outdoor product design and development major, I love having a reason to recommend and show people great products and gear."

Chelsea Avery


Agricultural & Medical Biotechnology and Spanish Major at University of Kentucky

"As a Kentuckian, I have spent many years enjoying the outdoors. I am an avid traveler and hiker! My biggest accomplishment so far has been summiting Mt. Fuji in Japan."

Ella De Bruijn


Environment and Sustainability Major at Cornell University

“I always get excited when I see the huge Bean Boot outside and then enter the beautiful store. L.L.Bean gear has provided me nothing but the utmost magical experiences outdoors.”

Jetta Chen


Marketing and Information Systems Major at University of Maryland, College Park

“Spotting the Bootmobile was one of the greatest moments of my life! I know that when I shop at a L.L.Bean store, the products will be great quality and last for a really long time.”

Bella Dziak


Sustainability and Business Management Major at University of New Hampshire

“I love to support brands with a mission, and L.L.Bean is striving to get people to find their love for the outdoors. They provide excellent gear and classes to do so.”

Nyarre Hudson


Strategic, Legal and Management Communications Major at Howard University

“L.L.Bean is reliable; L.L.Bean reminds me of all the family trips and hikes I took as a child. The brand reminds me of comfort and good times.”

Ben Jackson


Environmental Thought and Practice Major at University of Virginia

“L.L.Bean products have accompanied me on all my adventures and have survived to embark on the next ones, not to mention they’ve kept me very warm on some freezing nights!”

Lynne Kim


Biomedical Engineering Major at Yale University

“L.L.Bean is a sustainable, effective, stylish, and affordable fashion choice! I am planning on being outside as much as I can this Fall!”

Mary Kohn


Biology and Art & Design Major at Saint Michael’s College

“I love being an outsider because it's a chance to connect with the world and L.L.Bean's products have always allowed me to do that."

Russell Laman


Marine Science and Ecology & Conservation Biology Major at Boston University

“I have visited all 7 continents and have gotten the amazing chance to travel the world with my dad who is a National Geographic photographer.”

Elianis Osorio


Animal Sciences Major at Ohio State University

“L.L.Bean is a fashion statement that’s durable for even the muddiest of farms! Being an animal science major, I love to visit the farms especially in the Fall!”

Shefali Raghavan


Risk Management Major at Pennsylvania State University

“I love taking photos and being in the moment when I am experiencing the views or nature. L.L.Bean has a sense of comfort and youthfulness to it which many companies do not have.”

Daniel Risser


Labor and Human Resources Major at Pennsylvania State University

“L.L.Bean makes it easy for each person to enjoy their own adventure, whether fly fishing on the river or cozying up at home by the fireplace.”

Emilia Ruth


Mechanical Engineering and East Asian Studies Major at Brown University

“To me, L.L.Bean means the comfort of home combined with the excitement of an outdoor adventure.”

Maya Shanker


Psychology Pre-Med Major at Rutgers University

“For every log cabin and hiking adventure my family has had, L.L.Bean was always the starting point, and that is something I always remember.”

Simone Tezzo


Nursing Major at North Carolina A&T University

“L.L.Bean means taking a break from this fast-paced world every once in a while and appreciating the world around us. “

Sage Watterson


Physics Major at University of Richmond

“More than anything else, L.L.Bean means home to me. It's where I take all my friends who visit from out-of-state, a great point of reference when describing where I'm from.”

Quincy Whipple


Advertising Major at Syracuse University

“To me, L.L.Bean means creating your own ways to love the outdoors.”

Chanyoung Woo


Statistics and Anthropology Major at University of Rochester

“I'm currently training to run a marathon, and I've gone skydiving. I also plan on living in a self-made camper van after graduating college to explore all the national parks.”

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