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L.L.Bean’s Community Guidelines

All users of L.L.Bean’s social media channels are expected to comply with these Community Guidelines and the platform's Community Standards.

Be kind and courteous.
Healthy debates and discussions are natural, but kindness and courtesy are required. Visitors posting profane content, political content or personal attacks will be blocked. Please treat everyone with respect.

No hate speech or bullying.
Everyone is welcome. Please remember that we all have different experiences, interests, and knowledge. Again – please treat everyone with respect.

No selling, promotions or spam.
Self-promotion, spam, selling and irrelevant links and content are not allowed.

Respect privacy.
Respect your privacy and the privacy of others. Never post personal information such as mailing address, email address, credit card information, order number, phone number, or other personal information about you or others. Never post images of people without their express permission. If you would like to learn about L.L.Bean’s Privacy Policy including the information we collect and how we use it, please visit us here:

Submission of content.
Please visit us at  to read our complete Content Submission Terms and Conditions. Please practice polite and safe internet practices. We prohibit inappropriate content, for example content which is discriminatory, offensive, threatening, harassing, illegal, or appears harmful or dangerous. Please do not misrepresent your affiliation with L.L.Bean. If you have a material connection to L.L.Bean, please do not forget to disclose it.

L.L.Bean has the right to remove or edit any content on its pages.

Blocking and deleting.
L.L.Bean and the L.L.Bean Facebook Groups Administrator reserves the right to delete any content it deems inappropriate or off-topic and block members at any time for any reason including those who post spam or inappropriate or abusive content.