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Discover the Power of Parks

A national park isn’t just a pretty place. It’s a reminder that we are part of something bigger. An opportunity to connect to nature, and each other, in new, extraordinary ways. It’s a chance to gain perspective, reflect on the past, and rediscover the natural joy that comes from being outdoors together. And these moments are made possible thanks to a group of inspiring people who share our passion for being outside. Let’s meet a few of them.

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The Plant Whisperer: Melissa Nicolli

You think you like plants? Vegetation Biotechs like Melissa take inventory of the plants and wildlife in over 400 parks across the country to help protect native plant life.

Melissa works a network of several national park sites along the Columbia Plateau. Photos courtesy of NPS.

The Preservationist: Michael Smith

Devoted to cultural preservation, Michael is a museum coordinator who cares for historic structures and interprets the histories and daily lives of those who came before us.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park where Michael works contains a rich history spanning thousands of years. Photos courtesy of NPS.

The Master Planner: Angel Cuevas

Not everything happens naturally at national parks. Angel manages event requests like weddings, commercial photography, and video and movie productions from all over the world.

San Juan National Historic Site features breathtaking scenic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean. Photos courtesy of NPS.

With more than 400 parks in the U.S., finding your happy place is easier than you think.

Find yours and get out there.

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