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Build the Ultimate Winter Wish Lists

Get exactly what you want. No secret santas.

2 Min. Read | Winter

What do you want for the holidays this year? The best clothes for snowbound adventures? The coziest stuff for snuggling up with a good book? Gear to help you run wild with your dog? Even the people who know you best need a little nudge sometimes, which is why we created the L.L.Bean Wish List – designed to take the guesswork out of gifting. Just build a list, share it with others, and get exactly what you want!

Need a little inspiration? Our experts have recommended some perfect products for every kind of outdoor personality. Browse the lists below, find your match, and give your friends and family the hints they need to make this year's gift haul the best one ever.

The “Everyday Outdoor Lover” List

From local walking trails to your favorite park the cold, invigorating days of winter are full of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors while keeping it casual. Here’s what you’ll need to bask in the brilliant winter sun without traveling far from home.

The “All-Out Adventurer” List

Planning a more adventurous outing? Focus on the things that will keep you safe and warm as you delve into the wilderness this winter. Whether it’s cold-weather camping or seriously snowbound treks, make sure your Wish List is full of clothes and gear to help you achieve your outdoor goals.

The “Backyard Fun Enthusiast” List

You don’t have to go far to enjoy all the benefits of the crisp winter air – the backyard is the perfect backdrop for days full of family fun. Pick up some inspiration from our article on how to Create a Winter Oasis in Your Backyard, then put your Wish List to good use!

The “Cozy Inside and Out” List

Everybody loves to be cozy, so stock up on these super-versatile products to keep you warm and comfortable whether you’re out enjoying the outdoors or winding down at home after a long day under that big winter sky.

The “Not Without My Dog” List

Going on a winter outing with your dog can be extra rewarding for both you and your best friend. If you can’t imagine leaving your pup behind, here are some of our favorite items to keep them happy and cozy as you enjoy the healing power of the outdoors together.

The “Adventurous Planner” List

Winter is the perfect season to get outside, but it won’t last forever. Use your Wish List as an opportunity to plan your clothing and gear for adventures ahead, so you won’t have to waste any time stepping out that door once the weather starts warming up.

How to Build Your Custom Wish List

1. Put Your Heart Into It: Once you’re logged into your L.L.Bean account, you can add any product to your Wish List by hitting the heart icon next to the “Add to Bag” option.

2. Check Your List: In fact, check it twice. You’ll see a link to your Wish List below the shopping bag icon at the top of the page. Here, you can review what you’ve added and make changes.

3. Share the Joy: Hit the “Share List” button to get a link you can email to friends and family, or post on social media. Encourage people you know to make their own lists and share them with you, too!

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