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The Perfect Outdoor Reading Spot

A good book is better outside.

2 Min. Read | Home & Backyard

When the weather’s nice, we want to do pretty much everything outside – even when what we’re doing isn’t really much at all. There’s nothing quite like the sublime feeling of kicking back with a good book, and being outside with that book is even better. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect reading spot, whether it’s in your backyard, on your porch or in any patch of sunshine you can find.

Sit Back and Kick Your Feet Up

If you’ve ever been unable to focus on your book because of an uncomfortable plane seat or desk chair, you know how important the right seat is. Whether you’re setting up something long-term or picking a spot for the afternoon, make sure you have a good place to get lost in a book.

Long-Term Seating and Furniture

If you’re setting up an outdoor area that you plan to leave in place for a season, you can’t go wrong with All-Weather Adirondack Furniture; it’s made to resist sun and rain, comes in styles that allow you to sit up or kick back, and can easily be outfitted with comfortable cushions.

If swinging on a hammock is your ideal relaxation mode, a durable hammock stand allows you to put one up wherever you have room – you no longer have to find two trees to string your hammock between.



Quick and Temporary Reading Spots

On the other hand, if you want to keep your yard clear of heavy furniture and head outside for a few hours, camp furniture is your best friend. Even basic camp chairs have gotten more and more comfortable over the years, but newer more innovative versions – like collapsible rockers, loveseats and recliners – can take your comfort to the next level.

Maybe you don’t want to carry anything outside to your reading spot. The old standby of a beach blanket still does the trick, especially with a camp pillow to prop your head on. A waterproof outdoor blanket is even better for staying dry if the ground is a little wet.



Get Comfortable

With your seat squared away, it’s time to deal with the distractions a little farther away, like weather, bugs and changing temperatures.

Keep Weather and Bugs Out

On a sunny day you can spend more time squinting than you do reading, or trying to hold your book at the perfect arm-tiring angle to keep the sun out of your eyes. A quick portable sun shelter will protect your eyes – and your skin – by providing some much-needed shade.

For even more protection, a portable screen house will do more than keep the sun out – it will also shelter you from the rain and keep bugs from getting in, all while letting fresh air and a gentle breeze through.


Warmth for Cooler Temperatures

Sometimes you’re so invested in a book that you want to stay put and keep reading, even when the temperature starts to drop. Wrap yourself in a cuddly blanket to stay warm, whether it’s a fleece throw from inside or an extra-warm, extra-portable blanket designed just for the outdoors.



Find Your Focus and Relax

Now that you’re comfortable, it’s time to focus and lose yourself in a good book. Enhance your reading experience with a few accessories that take your new favorite reading spot to the next level.


If a little music helps you focus and enjoy your reading, a portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect addition. Stream music directly from your tablet and give your next great reading adventure a soundtrack.



Even when you’re doing a low-intensity activity like reading, it’s important to stay hydrated – easy to do with a water bottle or a thermos filled with lemonade. If morning coffee is your ideal pairing with a good book, an insulated mug will keep it warm for hours as you enjoy your reading.



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