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The L.L.Bean Guide to Layering


Our outdoor instructors spend hundreds of hours outdoors every winter, teaching thousands of people how to stay warm and have fun when cold temperatures hit. All you need is a base layer, an insulating layer, an outer layer and some accessories – and we’re here to help you choose them all.

1. Base Layer

Why You Need It

The first layer you put on is designed to keep your skin dry, which helps you stay warm. Base layers move moisture away from your body – a process called “wicking” – so sweat won’t sit on your skin and cool you down.

How It Works

Pick a base layer made of synthetic fabric, or a natural fabric like silk or wool. These materials dry quickly to keep you warm during activity.


2. Middle Layer

Why You Need It

Your insulating layer – the layer you wear over your base layer or over your clothing – should hold in the heat that’s generated by your body. If that heat can’t escape, your body stays warm. It’s that simple.

How It Works

A midweight fleece jacket or synthetic vest keeps heat in without being bulky, making layering easy. These fabrics are also designed to block the wind, so this layer will help keep you protected even if you need to open or take off a heavier outer layer.


3. Outer Layer

Why You Need It

A water- and wind-resistant outer layer will keep out winter’s worst. Well-designed insulated outerwear will protect you from bad weather, keep you warm and let your inner layers breathe.

How It Works

New innovations in insulation and weather protection, like breathable TEK2.5 waterproofing and quick-drying DownTek treated down, make this your most important layer for the coldest and snowiest days.


4. Boots and Accessories

Why You Need Them

If your extremities get cold, it’s going to cool the rest of you off pretty quickly. Warm boots, gloves and a hat will keep you comfortable from head to toes.

How They Work

With the same insulating and waterproof technology as our jackets and shells, our winter boots and accessories pack a lot of warmth into the smallest pieces of gear.



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