Seth Wescott


“Losing yourself in the joy of the experience, with those you love most, are the richest and most rewarding moments of life.”

When Seth Wescott says, “the outdoors has shaped my entire life,” he means it. So we’ve been huge fans from day one. Growing up in Maine, Seth spent every free moment exploring the outdoors with his sister and friends. Then he tried alpine skiing as a fourth grader, and his love for racing down mountains was born.

Preparing for a snowboard run in Norway

Today, Seth is the most decorated snowboard cross athlete in history – and an advocate for experiencing the outdoors with family and friends. This lifelong love for the outdoors makes Seth an ideal L.L.Bean Testing and Design Partner. He tests our gear in the most extreme environments, from summits in Alaska to the southern Alps of New Zealand.

A midnight-sun ski in Greenland

Seth's feedback helps our designers create innovative, high-performance gear and outerwear. “When gear performs properly, you’re focused entirely on enjoying your activity,” he shares, “and losing yourself wherever you find yourself.”

Seth works closely with our product developers to design high-performance outerwear and gear

In 2010, after years of success at the World Cup and the X Games, Seth – the “Boss of the Cross” – won his second consecutive Winter Games gold medal in snowboard cross, a first for an American male athlete. When he’s not competing, his favorite place to train is the Chugach Mountains in Alaska, where he revels in the natural powder and wide-open spaces. Then it’s home to Maine to enjoy surfing off southern beaches, golf and snowboarding in his backyard at Sugarloaf – and sharing the great outdoors with his family.

Torino, Olympic Games

Gold Medal

Vancouver, Olympic Games

Gold Medal

4 FIS World Championships

Gold Medal
3 Silver Medals

2 X Games Ultra Cross

Gold Medal
Silver Medal

7 X Games SBX

4 Silver Medals
3 Bronze Medals