The U.S. Ski Team


The U.S. Ski Team understands the rewards of spending time together outside. These incredible cross-country skiers are perpetually pushing each other to be the best in the world. They’ve taught us an important lesson – if you’re trying to reach a goal, your chances of success are better if you bring a friend.

The U.S. Ski Team brings together the top men’s and women’s Nordic skiers from across the nation to represent the United States of America on the world stage. The team is overseen by U.S. Ski & Snowboard, which provides leadership, support and direction for tens of thousands of young skiers and snowboarders. They’re based in Park City, Utah.

“L.L.Bean not only understands what it takes to be the best but also shares a common goal to engage the ski and snowboard community, and give everyone an opportunity to pursue their passion for the outdoors.”

TIGER SHAW, President and CEO, U.S. Ski & Snowboard

We’re proud to be the official supplier to these ultimate outsiders. Through our partnership, we provide the U.S. Ski Team with insulated outerwear, rainwear, and competitive and casual headwear, keeping them at their warmest, fastest and lightest as they chase their dreams. We also supply summer training products and base layers, along with our longstanding partner, Craft.

Meet the Team

Erick Bjornsen

Sadie Bjornsen

Rosie Brennan

Sophie Caldwell

Jessie Diggins

Simi Hamilton

Paddy Caldwell

Andy Newell

Kikkan Randall
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Ida Sargent

Liz Stephen

Scott Patterson