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Accessing Shopping Bag

Accessing Shopping Bag
Make it personal. Monogram your purchase for just eight dollars. You can choose from up to 15 styles and over 40 colors, selecting either your name or initials.

Our skilled stitchers will embroider your monogram by hand, right here in Maine.

Monogramming may add one to two days processing time. Rest assured, everything we sell is backed by our legendary 100% satisfaction guarantee. Returns and exchanges are no problem – even if your item has been monogrammed.

Free monogramming with the L.L.Bean Visa Card.
Learn more about this and other great Cardmember benefits. See Terms and Conditions.

Can monogrammed items be returned or exchanged?

Absolutely! Every item we sell is backed by our legendary 100% satisfaction guarantee. Returns and exchanges are no problem – even if your item has been monogrammed.

How many characters can fit?

It depends on the item, as well as the style you choose. Some items have space to fit up to 10 characters, while others are limited to three. The maximum number of characters will be listed when you configure your monogram.

How can I tell if an item can be monogrammed?

If the item is monogrammable, you will see a checkbox marked "Add a Monogram" on its product page, above the "Add to Bag" button.

In what order will my initials appear in my monogram?

When you order monogramming, we'll ask for the initials in the order you would normally write them (first, middle, last). On some traditional monogram styles, the last initial is automatically placed in the middle. You will have a chance to preview your monogram prior to placing your order — so you'll see exactly what it will look like in each style.

Do you do monogramming at L.L.Bean stores?

Most of our retail stores have monogramming services available. We're sorry, monogramming is not available at our store in West Lebanon, NH, or at L.L.Bean Outlets.

Can I get a custom monogram, like special capitalization or a two-line monogram?

Special requests like this are not available online, but may be available by phone. Options will vary by item and style; please feel free to call us at 800-441-5713 for more information.

See All Styles
Monogramming Styles.

(Not all styles are available for all products)

Name: Upper- and/or Lowercase Text

Times Bold
Thin Script

Initial: Three-Letter Monogram Styles

Block Stack
Times Bold

Single Large Letter

Monogram Character Sizes

Monograms take up approximately the same space on each product, regardless of the number of characters. As a result, the character size and presentation varies based on the style you choose and the number of characters. In general, the more characters you enter, the smaller each one will be. Note: For items with print or patterned backgrounds, we recommend bolder font styles for best results.

Monogram Placements

These sample images show approximate placement on some popular items. For the exact monogram placement for a particular item, please contact us at 800-441-5713.

Approximate monogram placement on some popular items: on front face of Tote Bags in between handle straps; above front pocket on School Backpacks; on left cuff or pocket of Men's Oxford Shirts; on front flap of Personal Organizers; above side pocket of Duffle Bags in between handle straps; on top lid of Lunch Boxes below front pocket zipper; on bottom of Sleeping Bag Stuff Sacks; on the bottom of Towels; above the chest pocket of Robes; diagonally across corner of Throws.