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Umpqua Tapered Leaders, Striper

Item #: TA236271
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Umpqua Tapered Leaders, Striper
Umpqua Tapered Leaders, Striper


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Product Details

Extensively field tested in a variety of situations, from spring creeks to tidal rips.


  • Knotless with looped butt section.
  • Longer heavier butt section for a more powerful and accurate turnover in wind.
  • Made of extruded nylon.
  • Superior knot strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Imported.
Matching Leader to Fishing
Fly Line TypeLeader Length
Floating line for trout/bass7½' to 10'
Sinking line for trout/bass4' to 6'
Floating and intermediate saltwater6' to 10'
Sink tip line for trout/bass4' to 6'
Saltwater shooting head/wet tip/full sinking4' to 6'

In wind, shorten your leader for easier casting.

With large, bulky or weighted flies, use a shorter leader.

On shallow, very clear water, use a longer leader with a light tippet.
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