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Umpqua Tippet Material, Pro Freshwater

Item #: TA236268
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Umpqua Tippet Material, Pro Freshwater
Umpqua Tippet Material, Pro Freshwater
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Color$4.5:Light Olive

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Product Details

Field tested in a variety of situations, from spring creeks to tidal rips.


  • Length: 30 yd.


  • Extruded nylon with high knot strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Imported.
Matching Tippet to Fly
Tippet Diam. Approx. Lb. Test Fly Hook Size
8X (.003")1.224,26,28,32
7X (.004")220,22,24,26
6X (.005")316,18,20,22
5X (.006")414,16,18
4X (.007")512,14,16
3X (.008")88,10,12,14
2X (.009")104,6,8,10
1X (.010")122,4,6
0X (.011")141/0,2,4
X1 (.012")152/0,1/0,2
X2 (.013")163/0,2/0,1/0,2
X3 (.014")185/0,4/0,3/0,2/0
X4 (.015")206/0,5/0,4/0,3/0

On clear, calm water where fish are wary, use the smallest diameter tippet possible (e.g., with a #16 fly, use a 6X tippet rather than a 4X or 5X).

On turbulent or discolored water, use the largest tippet diameter.

With a weighted or bulky fly (like a bass bug), consider using one tippet size larger than what would be called for.

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