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Katahdin Fishing Nets

Katahdin Fishing NetsKatahdin Fishing Nets
Katahdin Fishing Nets
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Product Details

Maine is home to some of the world’s best fly fishing – and some of the finest gear. Like these authentic Maine-made Katahdin Fishing Nets.


Medium Teardrop

  • Net Size: 7"W x 12"L.
  • Length: 19".

Large Teardrop

  • Net Size: 8"W x 14"L.
  • Length: 21".


  • Net Size: 14.5"W x 20"L.
  • Length: 50".

Ellipse Catch and Release

  • Net Size: 6"W x 16"L.
  • Length: 23".


  • Engineered so that nylon mesh net reduces injury to fish.
  • Made of strong laminate of ash, walnut and bird’s-eye maple.

Additional Features

  • Ellipse Catch-and-Release Shallow net and oval frame for easier in-water hook removal.
  • Boat Long handle and large, deep net provide extra reach from canoe or boat.
  • Large Teardrop Designed for general trout, landlocked salmon and bass fishing.
  • Medium Teardrop Designed for small brooks, creeks and streams.
  • Made in Maine.

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