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How can I find out if a concert or event has been cancelled? What’s your storm policy?

For safety reasons, we will cancel an event if severe weather is predicted. Outdoor events, including concerts, may be cut short if there is lightning in the area. Concerts will not be moved or rescheduled. Please call 1-877-755-2326 for all event updates.

When’s the earliest I can put my chair or blanket out? Is it OK to bring a cooler?

You may put your items out on 6 a.m. the day of the concert. L.L.Bean is not responsible for any personal items placed in the park. Please be respectful of others and do not move any items. It is fine to bring a blanket or a chair, but please be sure the blanket is an appropriate size for your group. The park gets very crowded and space is limited. You may bring a small cooler if it can fit under your chair or on your blanket.

Can I leave my chair in the park after the concert while I shop? Do you have a Lost & Found?

Chairs and blankets can be left in the park for approximately one hour after the concert. L.L.Bean is not responsible for objects left in the park. After an hour, they will be moved to the side of the lawn. For Lost & Found items, please call 1-877-755-2326, Option 6.

Do you have VIP or reserved seating? Do you have accessible seating for concerts?

We have do have limited reserved seating for guests of the band and special guests of L.L.Bean. We do not offer reserved seating to the general public.
We reserve space at concerts for individuals with disabilities and their friends and family. Look for signs on the side of the park nearest the flagship store (look for the big L.L.Bean Boot).

Can I bring my dog to a concert? Am I allowed to take photos?

The park gets very crowded during concerts, so please leave pets at home. Dogs are allowed on our campus at other times, though they are not allowed inside our stores. Trained service dogs are always welcome. Personal photos with small cameras/phones are allowed, unless prohibited by the individual performer. Flash pictures are not permitted during any performance, and video cameras/recorders are strictly prohibited.

Is smoking allowed? Can I bring alcohol?

All L.L.Bean property is smoke-free. This policy is enforced. Public consumption of alcohol is illegal in Maine.

Do you have security on site? What about first aid?

L.L.Bean is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers, and security measures are in place at all our events. We ask all guests to be respectful of others around them. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please see a member of our staff.


Where are you located? What are your hours?

Our flagship campus is located at 95 Main Street in Freeport, Maine. All stores are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. View a map of stores, including public restrooms, here.
View store hours for the L.L.Bean Outlet here.

Where can we park? What about RV parking?

There are hundreds of free parking spaces in Freeport. Look for lots around L.L.Bean, plus free parking in the Freeport Village Station garage across the street. You’ll find handicapped parking spaces throughout town. The town of Freeport provides an RV parking lot at the corner of Depot and Grove streets. RV parking is not allowed in L.L.Bean parking lots. Parking map

What else is there to do in the area if we decide to come for the whole day or weekend?

L.L.Bean offers outdoor adventures through our Outdoor Discovery Schools, starting at just $25. Try a new outdoor activity with our experts! See the full schedule at For information about events and activities in Freeport, plus current discounts at local retailers, check or call 207-865-1212, Monday-Friday. The FreeportUSA map on the website is a great tool for planning your visit and getting around town.

Still have questions? Give us a call at 1-877-755-2326.