L.L.Bean Visa Card
Important Information about Changes to the L.L.Bean Visa Card

As you may have heard, L.L.Bean has decided to discontinue its relationship with Bank of America,* the issuer of the L.L.Bean Visa Card, effective June 30, 2008.

Some of our customers have called with questions about materials sent by Bank of America describing an "upgrade" to their account. These materials refer to the credit card Bank of America intends to issue as a replacement for your L.L.Bean Visa Card. We’d like to clarify that this card is not an L.L.Bean Visa Card and will not offer L.L.Bean benefits.

We have partnered with a new issuer to provide the NEW L.L.Bean Visa Card. All the benefits our Cardmembers enjoy today will continue with the new L.L.Bean Visa Card, plus a valuable new benefit: Free Return Shipping.

As of July 1, 2008, the only way to continue to receive L.L.Bean benefits will be with the NEW L.L.Bean Visa Card. You will need to apply for your new card on or around July 1, 2008.** As that date approaches, we will be providing more information concerning this new card, along with details on how to apply.

At L.L.Bean, there is no relationship more valuable than the one we have with you, our customer. Thank you for your patience during this transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is July 1, 2008, an important date to remember?

  • This is the day your current L.L.Bean Visa Card, issued by Bank of America, will no longer provide you with L.L.Bean benefits
  • Any replacement credit card provided by Bank of America will not offer L.L.Bean benefits
  • You will receive an application for the new and improved L.L.Bean Visa Card on this date

Why is L.L.Bean making this change?
We believe our new credit card program will deliver more value along with the superior customer service you have come to expect from L.L.Bean.

How can I get the new L.L.Bean Visa Card?
You will be invited to apply on July 1, 2008. There will be multiple ways to respond, and the application process will be quick and easy.

Will the new L.L.Bean Visa Card offer the same benefits?
Yes, the new L.L.Bean Visa Card will have all the benefits you’ve come to love, such as Free Shipping, Free Monogramming and Coupon Dollars. Plus, we’ve added a valuable new benefit – Free Return Shipping.

Can I continue to use my current L.L.Bean Visa Card?
Yes, you will continue to receive Free Shipping and Free Monogramming on L.L.Bean orders placed through June 30, 2008 with your current L.L.Bean Visa Card.

You will also continue to earn Coupon Dollars on eligible transactions during this time. For every 10 L.L.Bean Coupon Dollars your account earns through June 30, 2008, Bank of America will send you a $10 L.L.Bean Coupon.

Effective July 1, 2008, your L.L.Bean benefits with this card will end. No credit card, other than the new L.L.Bean Visa Card, will provide you with these L.L.Bean benefits after June 30, 2008.

If I still have L.L.Bean Coupons after July 1, 2008, may I redeem them?
Yes, any L.L.Bean Coupon issued to you will remain valid until its stated expiration date.

What if I've earned Coupon Dollars but not enough for a $10 Coupon?
If you have less than 10 Coupon Dollars remaining on your account, L.L.Bean will send you a full $10 Coupon to satisfy that balance. This Coupon will arrive with your invitation to apply for the New L.L.Bean Visa Card on July 1, 2008.

  *FIA Card Services, N.A., a Bank of America company, is the current issuer
    and administrator of the L.L.Bean Visa Card.
**Applications for the new L.L.Bean Visa Card are not available until
    July 1, 2008.