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Experienced paddlers know that strong currents will sometimes oppose the course they’ve set. Or that one day a wave may tumble them into the water. Two videos below, from public television’s Anyplace Wild series sponsored by L.L.Bean and hosted by John Viehman, show how seasoned kayakers solve these challenges. The third, on coastal paddling, reveals why kayaking is the fastest-growing water sport in the country.

Ferry Gliding
Aided Self-Rescue
Coastal Paddling
Learn to cross to the opposite bank of a river – or to a nearby island – without being swept off course by strong currents. Derek Hutchinson, a leading kayaking expert, shows how.

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Climb safely back into your boat after a spill with this easy maneuver – and a little help from a friend.

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Ocean paddling can be serene or exhilarating– see two sides of kayaking in this clip from Hurricane Island.

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