Fly Fishing Tips

Reading Water

Fish feed according to season, weather, water temperature and water volume. To fish successfully you will need to learn the seasonal requirements of fish in the waters you plan to visit. Reading water involves identifying areas that are likely to hold fish. Once you are on the water, there are several ways to read it.

Structures Fish live around structures such as rocks, moss beds, fallen trees or other objects. Food is more plentiful here, and the structure provides protection from predators.

Eddies and Pools Spawning often takes place in these fertile, protected areas which provide relief from strong currents.

Fish Needs If fish are not clearly visible at the surface or in the shallow water, they most likely will be hidden in the deeper, darker water. Depth and bottom structure provide most of the needs of fish.

Feeding Periods During feeding periods, fish are usually found in moderate riffles, pocket waters and runs along the shorelines of pools.

Resting Periods When fish are resting or during nonfeeding periods, they may still be enticed to strike from deep pocket water, slower riffles and runs and down a pool's channel.

* From the L.L.Bean® Fly-Fishing Handbook, written and illustrated by Dave Whitlock.

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