Fly Fishing Tips

On-the-Fly Tips

  • Take time to watch what is happening on a stream before charging in. Look for rises, hatches and sips. Check the underside of rocks and logs to best match what the fish are eating.
  • An extra rod and reels/spare spools (with different lines on them) are a good idea. You never know when you might accidentally break a rod and need a backup. The spare spools/lines will let you quickly adapt to a wider variety of fishing conditions.
  • Know your knots inside and out. You'll be able to change flies, leaders and tippets more quickly, and you'll catch more fish.
  • Pinch the barbs on your hooks. A barbless hook makes hooking fish easier, causes less stress if you're planning on releasing them and is much easier to remove if you catch yourself.
  • If you're fishing in saltwater, make sure to rinse everything with fresh water afterwards and wipe your rods and reels dry.

* From the L.L.Bean® Fly-Fishing Handbook, written and illustrated by Dave Whitlock.

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