Fitness Tips

Hiking for Fitness

An active outdoor lifestyle is a great way to stay fit, and hiking is an ideal way to get and stay in shape. Hiking helps to condition your major muscle groups and cardiovascular system.

  1. Find your own potential and set realistic goals. Take short walks around your neighborhood or on nature trails. Gradually lengthen your hikes. On your first long hike, start off slowly to avoid excess fatigue part way through.
  2. For longer day hikes bring plenty of water or high-energy drinks. Eat lots of healthy snacks throughout.
  3. Wear sturdy footwear that offers good traction and support.
  4. Bring a spare pair of socks in case the ones you're wearing get wet.
  5. Pack extra layers. An average hike could take you from hot, humid or protected areas to cold and windy, exposed conditions within one to two hours.

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