Fitness: Staying Fit

The changing seasons pose a mix of challenges to fitness enthusiasts in many parts of the country. In the spring running trails are soft and road conditions are unpredictable. Sunny-day stretches can get us outside, but wet conditions any time of year often keep even the hardiest among us on our climbers, treadmills and stationary bikes.

With this in mind, here are some indoor tips and target exercises that will keep you primed for outdoor activity.

Read our general guidelines for a safe, effective aerobic and strength-training program. Check with a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, health specialist or weight-training coach for more strength-training exercises to round out your workout.

Click on one of the sports below to see some sample strength-training exercises chosen specifically for that sport.

Running Exercises Cycling Exercises Hiking Exercises
Strengthen your legs and develop upper body stability for your best running performance Build strength in your back and upper body while maintaining overall leg strength and muscle endurance for cycling Keep your legs, back and shoulders in shape for hiking, climbing and carrying your pack