Hiking Exercises

Step Downs
Standing on a step, step down with front leg, bending at hips and knee. Step onto floor with flat foot. Knee of supporting leg should be over the foot.

Body benefit: Excellent for overall leg strength; strengthens knees, quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus muscles.

Sport benefit: Simulates motion of downhill hiking.

Opposite Arm/Leg Raises
Lie flat on stomach, forehead on floor with arms over head and legs straight. Raise opposite arm and leg as far as comfortable, keeping hips on floor.

Body benefit: Total upper and lower back strengthener.

Sport benefit: Strengthens back to carry loaded pack.

Shoulder Presses
Stand with feet slightly apart, arms bent at elbows, holding weights. Extend arms straight overhead. Keep stomach and back muscles tight to prevent back from arching or rounding off. Proper posture is important especially as the weight increases.

Body benefit: Strengthens shoulders, arms and chest.

Sport benefit: Increased shoulder strength for climbing.

The exercises above, except for the Step Downs, are shown on an exercise step only for demonstration purposes; they are usually performed without a step, on the floor.

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