Cycling Tips

Cycling Tips

  1. Fuel Your body works hard when you cycle. It's important to keep it fueled with water and a steady supply of snacks, even on a short ride. For any ride over 90 minutes, snack every 15 to 20 minutes. Energy bars, bananas and dried fruit are all good sources of fuel. Staying hydrated is also critical. Be sure to bring plenty of water in water bottles or a hydration pack.

  2. Clothing The weather may feel warm when you walk out the door, but once you start riding, you'll be generating your own cooling breeze. It's a good idea to start your ride with an extra layer of windproof clothing, such as a lightweight cycling jacket and pants. If you begin to overheat, you can stop and shed outer layers to adjust for conditions and levels of exertion.

  3. Conditioning Cycling, like other active sports, will be much more pleasurable if you are in good shape. If you are just starting cycling for the season, begin with a few short rides and build up to more ambitious ones. Develop a series of short-loop trips in your area and check the mileage using a cycling computer. Cycling computers are not only useful for keeping track of daily mileage, many models also log accumulated mileage, average speed and riding time. Some even include a heart monitor to help you maximize your workout.

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