In celebration of our 100th anniversary, L.L.Bean is donating
$1 million to expand the Maine Winter Sports Center's Healthy Hometowns program into a year-round, statewide effort, offering Maine kids more opportunities to get outdoors and participate in activities like paddling, hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing.

The L.L.Bean Healthy Hometowns program focuses on accessibility by providing equipment and ensuring access to trails or outdoor spaces; sustainability by training local citizens with professional staff; and enhanced healthy lifestyles for children and their families through engagement in outdoor recreation. This work will be accomplished through willing and engaged community partners invested in the well being of local youths. L.L.Bean's charitable donation will allow the program to expand from 100 to nearly 400 communities.

Here are some of the ways Healthy Hometowns has encouraged Maine's youths to lead healthy outdoor lives:

  • Engaged over 100 communities throughout Maine in cross-country skiing by providing skis and groomed trails.
  • Trained passionate, local volunteers in sustainability practices to preserve the outdoors for our children through coaching and mentoring.
  • Involved over 6,500 Maine children in outdoor activities.
Lasting Experiences for Maine Kids

“Having Healthy Hometowns work with us in Ashland is such a great opportunity for the kids. We have had a wonderful time playing on skis. I especially like to see those who struggle the first day improve over the season and really master some ‘must learn’ skills. That gives them a real sense of accomplishment and makes them excited to try something new.”

Linda Milligan - Ashland, ME