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Liz Putnam

Liz Putnam - SCA

Founder of the Student Conservation Association

As a college student over 50 years ago, Liz Putnam read an article calling attention to the numerous threats facing our national parks. Moved to action, she proposed as her senior thesis the creation of a volunteer student conservation corps. Participating students would perform much-needed conservation services. In 1957 the first of SCA crews—a total of 53 student volunteers—were dispatched to work at Olympic and Grand Teton parks. Today, SCA places more than 3,000 volunteers annually at national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and urban green spaces nationwide. Liz believes that by actively experiencing the very real threats to our open spaces, young people learn the value of lifelong stewardship of our irreplaceable resources. Today, although officially retired from "active duty," Liz remains SCA's premier volunteer ambassador. She continues to meet with young people, participate in community events and promote the SCA to organizations across the country.

To learn more about Liz and the Student Conservation Association, visit http://www.thesca.org/.