America's Tote

Meet a few of the American craftspeople who make our Boat and Totes in Brunswick, Maine.


CHANNELS: Our Heritage and Values

Duck Decoys

Duck Decoys (01:51)

Boat and Tote Bags

Boat and Tote Bags (01:29)

Bean Boots by L.L.Bean

Bean Boots by L.L.Bean (02:19)

A Celebration to Remember

A Celebration to Remember (01:45)

Fenway Boat & Tote

Fenway Boat & Tote (01:35)

Introducing the L.L.Bean Bootmobile

Introducing the L.L.Bean Bootmobile (02:06)

One Fund Tote

One Fund Tote (01:51)

L.L.Bean Team Rides in the Trek Across Maine

L.L.Bean Team Rides in the Trek Across Maine (03:28)

Rosie American made!

Shirley Proudly made in America.

Rosie So I'm Rosie, I live in Freeport, Maine. I've been with the company for about a year, and my job is to put the handles on the body of the totes.

Shirley Hi I'm Shirley. I have done every step on the Boat and Tote line for over 25 years.

Rick My name is Rick. I'm from Litchfield, Maine, and I've been stiching Boat and Totes for 25 years.