The Intro

Two dogs, and their owners, meet up on stand up paddleboards.


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The Secret to Scotch Plaid Flannel

The Secret to Scotch Plaid Flannel (00:32)

The Pitch

The Pitch (00:30)

The Race

The Race (00:15)

Good Morning

Good Morning (00:15)

The Can

The Can (00:15)

The Puddle

The Puddle (00:15)

Be an Outsider

Be an Outsider (00:30)

The Chase

The Chase (01:00)

The Tree

The Tree (00:15)

The Canoe

The Canoe (00:15)

The Mat

The Mat (00:15)

The Mudroom

The Mudroom (00:15)

The Dip

The Dip (00:15)

The Bird

The Bird (00:15)


Zip (00:24)


Magic (01:00)

The Sled

The Sled (00:15)

The Game

The Game (00:15)

Paddler #1: Hey!

Paddler #2: How's it going?

Paddler #1: It's going great. You been out here a long time?

Paddler #2: Maybe an hour or so.

Paddler #1: Nice. You're out here with your dog; it's a great idea!

Paddler #2: That's awesome. They like each other.

Paddler #1: Yeah, nice to meet you guys.

Paddler #2: You too!

L.L.Bean. Be an Outsider.