Christmas 2014: Puppies

Think puppies are soft? Just wait until you slip on a pair of our Wicked Good Slippers.


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Guaranteed Season After Season

Guaranteed Season After Season (00:32)

Direct from Freeport, Maine

Direct from Freeport, Maine (01:31)

Christmas 2014: Wicked Good

Christmas 2014: Wicked Good (00:15)

Christmas 2014: Fleece-Lined Flannel

Christmas 2014: Fleece-Lined Flannel (00:15)

Are you one of those people who thinks puppies are all soft and cuddly? Try slipping into a pair of L.L.Bean's Wicked Good Slippers. We didn't rest until we found the softest, fluffiest shearling there is. Your move, puppy.