Mission Furniture Collection

Our Mission-style furniture carries on the tradition of beautiful, functional furniture constructed with local, natural materials – right here in the USA.



Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Bedding

Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Bedding (01:17)

Classic Wooden Adirondack Chair

Classic Wooden Adirondack Chair (01:02)

Holiday Wreaths

Holiday Wreaths (02:30)

Premium Dog Beds

Premium Dog Beds (01:38)

Waterhog Mats

Waterhog Mats (00:52)

All-Weather Furniture

All-Weather Furniture (01:20)

Braided Rugs by Capel

Braided Rugs by Capel (01:37)

How to Choose Down Bedding

How to Choose Down Bedding (01:57)

How to Care for Down

How to Care for Down (01:05)

Portuguese Flannel

Portuguese Flannel (01:17)

Ed E., L.L.Bean Manufacturer:  We've been manufacturing mission furniture for L.L.Bean now for over 30 years. Over half of our workforce has been with us for 15 years or more. We're a family-owned business that operates as families do.

We have chosen white ash as the raw material for our mission furniture because it is a beautiful wood to work with. It machines well and it'll hold up to rigorous use for generations.

We put one coat of lacquer on that seals the wood to protect it from moisture. We sand it with very fine sandpaper to get a smooth finish before we apply a second coat that gives you the durability that you've come to expect.

The final inspection is when they actually see the completely finished piece, and they're not going to put a stamp of approval on it until they feel it's acceptable to be put in their house as well as your house.

We want a 100% quality product that we're going to develop, we're going to create, we're going to send to the end customer so they enjoy it not only for themselves but for future generations to come.